UX designer tips for designing an awesome landing page

Gone are the days of static websites and even the rest like the carousels, and the ones with hamburger menus. Though, all these seemed to impress and weave magic in the minds of people in the early days of web or maybe until a decade or so back, it was not until recently that people actually started realizing and differentiating between things that they need and need not.

Landing pages are the soul of any website design. Poorly designed landing pages are equal to grossing zero business. So, when you land up yourself on a landing page through an impressive ad, just to find yourself in an annoying place, how would you react? To be honest, you would never return. You would leave the page as soon as you can and then, find business elsewhere.

Are there any parameters on which you can align your landing page? Of course, there are:

It should be in synch with the ad that directs to the landing page.
Provide the promises you made. (Since, this is the reason why they are here. Why annoy them?)
Let it be impressive.

What happens when you don’t provide what you promise?

  • People lose interest in you. They vow to never return.
  • Increased bounce rates, which will spoil your reputation in Google’s eyes.
  • Reduced sales, which will lead to loss in sales.
  • Negative opinions start spreading like wildfire ruining your reputation amongst all the audience.
    How could you solve this? Remember, when Math taught us all problems come with a solution, so does your landing page.

An appealing user experience with an excellent platform to directing your users to fulfilling their user goals is the door to conversion that starts at your landing page.

Why should you care about user experience?

Weird question! You are doing business for your people, so if you do not provide them with a great user experience, how do you expect them to convert them into sales.

So, designing must be always intended and aimed at your people.

As a designer, everything starts at you and ends at you. It’s in your hands to take your people to the product. And, the experience that you provide them with while on their journey is something that matters. Their level of comfort, the interaction level, the ease of communication, problem solving efficiency and above all whether the product satisfies their needs, marks your success.

And, the exciting part is that all this has happen within a short span of time of just 50 milliseconds that you have. This is where you can utilize your skills and talent and design a great landing page that people can relate to.

What kind of a landing page are your people expecting? No one knows exactly, but in a generic sense you could incorporate some of the above listed items to design an interesting landing page:

  • Leads capture form that is clean, clear, and precise, and above all is secure.
  • Eliminate distraction (e.g., navigation elements, etc.)
  • Include enticing offers and compelling promises that actually are true.(A CTA that would not fail their hopes.)
  • Finally, timely response and completion of tasks without no time or effort wasted on waiting.